Bacchus BSG-68V – Post 1997 – Deviser Gakki

Recently, I thought to sell two guitars from my collection made in Mexico to buy other models of vintage guitars made in Japan. A few days ago, I sold one and started looking for a Japanese guitar. However, I lost a sale of the model I wanted to buy and while browsing a little on the Internet I came across a superb guitar that was waiting for a new owner. I fell in love with this Bacchus BSG-68V. I wasn’t looking for an SG model at all, but now I have to admit that the price was very attractive and a good deal should not be neglected!

So I finally bought this guitar and to get exact and detailed information, I contacted Deviser’s customer service in Japan. After a few days they replied to my e-mail to confirm the specs and production year of my Bacchus BSG. In this way, if I ever decide to resell this Bacchus BSG-68V guitar, I will be able to certify its origin, age and characteristics.

I give you below the specs of this Bacchus. I remind you anyway before that Bacchus guitars and basses are made by Deviser company. If you don’t know what Deviser is yet, I invite you to read the article I wrote on the history of this manufacturer, considered one of the best in Japan. Some of Deviser’s master luthiers are well known, such as Mr Momose among others.

The BSG-68V (V for Vintage) model appears in the Deviser catalogue of 1998. See the photo of the catalogue below*. This is a mid-to-high end model of the brand, sold in the year of its manufacture for 108,000 Yen on the Japanese domestic market. You can also consult the full 1998 Deviser catalogue.

The Bacchus BSG-68V is based on the Gibson 1968 SG. However, the neck is slightly thinner than that of the original model.

The guitar I bought has serial number 100859 and was made in Bacchus’ workshops in Deviser’s factory.

Bacchus BSG-68V 1998

1990’s Bacchus BSG-61

We also present another Bacchus SG, model BSG-61 from the 90s. This guitar from the BSG series was produced in Japan.

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The video below shows the Deviser factory and the Bacchus workshops.

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