1990’s Bacchus BSG-61

This Bacchus BSG-61, owned by Rikard Svärd, is still of an unspecified Special Series, surely a limited model in this finish. Close to Mint condition.

Sienna Burst finish, maple 2-piece body and 3-ply maple neck. Late 90’s being good guess it seems.

An internet search turns up close to zero, one other all maple BSG turns up but in Tobacco Burst finish. Super quality of course and nearly mint condition, nitro finish and a little more weight to it compared to a mahogany body and neck SG. The added body weight eliminates any neck dive tendencies.

Bacchus BSG-68V – Post 1997

We also present another Bacchus SG, model BSG-68V from 1997. This guitar of the Vintage series was produced in Japan. The date of manufacture has been confirmed by Deviser.

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The video below shows the Deviser factory and the Bacchus workshops.

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