Suzuki Guitar Catalogues

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  1. Hi i would recive any informations about the classical guitar suzuki Kiso g 120. I would know something about woods construction etc what was its price in the 70th and wich is the value today. Thank’s so much

  2. I would like to know if my grandfather’s guitar is worth anything. It is very old. A Suzuki, It says Established 1887. Violin Co.Ltd, Nagoya, Japan. I’ve had the guitar since I was 19 and now I’m 71. It’s still in good condition because no one has been using it except me thumbing a few strings once in a while in memory of my grandpa. I hope you can tell me something about this guitar and if it has any value. Thanks.

  3. I have purchased a Suzuki Super Sounds Brazen Picker Professional handmade in Japan. A Strat Copy with a rather odd looking pickguard. Apart from that strange plastic-wood pickguard with extra frames on top around the Pickups, it screams “Greco” or “Westminster” etc. Do you think this is the same Suzuki that built these acoustics or maybe the company that built the famous Omnichords or do you have any info at all for me regarding the year of make etc.???
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for making this inspiring and dangerous website. (Makes me want to buy stuff)
    Kind regards from Germany

    1. Hi, i have a 12 string grand suzuki guitar with model no. SAE601/12T
      Wonder if you can help me about the specs on that (production year, construction, wood etc)
      I would very thankfull

      Post me an email if you want to see the photos

      Thank you

  4. Hello,

    Can anyone help me to date a Suzuki Model FM 100? No serial number.

    It has a zero fret and an adjustable bridge so I’m guessing it’s mid to late 1960s – certainly all the guitars in the 1970s catalogues have fixed bridges and regular nuts without the extra fret.

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