Morris Guitars Catalogues

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  1. I’m trying to find information about a 6 string Morris dreadnought with an adjustable bridge. The owner says the model number is WY-681, but I haven’t seen it yet, so it could be a transposition of YW since apparently Yairi (maybe both “K” and “S”) made some of their guitars in the 1970s. In most respects it looks like a low end model with nothing really fancy, so I have a hard time thinking Yairi had a hand in its making. Although I could find no direct match the Morris that seems to come closest in appearance is the W-18 model. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  2. I was unable to find my Morris FY-301 070 in any of the catalogs. Do you have any information about it?

  3. I have a morris VF 60 with a metal oval shaped morris badge on the head does anyone have any info such as year of manufacture etc

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