Morris 1970’s Acoustic Guitars Catalogue

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  1. Frankie, I would be very interested to know what information you have on my 1970’s Morris Mando Mania which doesn’t appear in any catalogs that I have seen.
    I contacted Morris Guitars and they have no knowledge of this guitar which seems a bit strange.
    I do know that Pete Cosey played one with Miles Davis in the 70’s but there seems little information about this guitar which apparently was made by an ex-employee of Gibson hence the flowerpot logo on the headstock!
    I can supply detailed pictures of the guitar.

  2. Are you able to lead me in the right direction. I have a Made in Japan Acoustic guitar with the “Premier” name on the headstock. I have found a bit of info on Sorkin Music and the instruments they sold, including “Premier” branded instruments which were built in New York of New Jersey. This one is MIJ. It’s all solids with a two part back. Mahogany back/sides and spruce top. It’s quite nice, and I would be interested in finding out any more information I can about it.

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