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Deviser Guitars Japan

Deviser was founded in 1977 in Nagano, Japan. At first, it was a small factory created by a few top luthiers. At the time, the production was focused on the acoustic guitars “Headway” which, even today, are highly coveted by collectors in Japan but already, some electric guitars were born in these workshops.

Deviser duplicated some models of Martin, Taylor or Gibson, but always bringing a special touch, some technical improvements over the original guitars.

In 1983, a fire completely destroyed the factory. A new installation was set up and little by little, over the years, the production was centered on electric guitars from the brand Bacchus which became the flagship of Deviser.

The electric guitars made by Deviser have earned a good reputation, which is quite deserved, and in 1999 the Headway acoustic guitars were again produced.

The Deviser group is still one of the few to produce handmade guitars. Electronics and pickups are also made by Deviser.

The brand also launched two cheap series, Bacchus Universe and Brian, respectively manufactured in China and Korea.

Deviser also markets the guitars of his fetish instrument maker Momose, as well as the brands Seventy Seven and STR.

Deviser - Momose

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  1. I have a Seventy Seven albatross deluxe. An amazing guitar. Fantastic quality, fit and finish. A pleasure to play. Unbelievable value. On par with boutique European and American brands. Local guitar tech was impressed by the quality after spending most of his time working on big name American brands.
    Am now considering an STR ‘Les Paul’.

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