History of Bacchus Guitars

Bacchus guitars

In 1991, Deviser introduced the Bacchus guitar and bass brand, primarily focusing on crafting precise replicas of Gibson and Fender instruments. Bacchus also offered custom instruments with a unique brand-specific design.

One of Bacchus by Deviser‘s distinguishing features was its in-house production of pickups and electronic components, a rarity among Japanese guitar brands. Most Bacchus instruments boast original components, contributing to the brand’s highly esteemed reputation in the realm of Made in Japan. Additionally, Bacchus manufactures a majority of its accessories.

It’s uncommon to find Bacchus handmade guitars modified by their owners, particularly regarding pickups or electronics alterations.

Bacchus meticulously selects wood essences, ensuring exceptional quality in their guitars and basses. The brand opts for a nitrocellulose finish for its medium and high-end instruments.

In 2005, Bacchus ceased its production of Fender and Gibson replicas without providing specific reasons. Upon the announcement, Japanese collectors quickly snapped up the remaining models, especially from the Bacchus Vintage series, leading to swift depletion of stocks. Occasionally, these guitars surface on eBay and other online platforms. Despite this, there’s a prevailing underestimation of these guitars and basses in Europe and the United States, possibly due to skepticism or lack of awareness. However, in my opinion, these instruments serve as excellent collector’s items.

Aligning with the global musical instrument market, Bacchus introduced the “Universe” series of guitars and basses. These instruments boast a vintage style and target beginners with competitive pricing. Notably, the “Universe” series comprises entry-level instruments manufactured in China.

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  1. I was able to purchase a Bacchus BSG-CTM ‘Classic Series’ from ebay last year. A very fine metallic green SG Custom both in looks and playability. One of the previous owners did switch out the bridge pickup with a P90 (humbucker sized) which added to the uniqueness of this instrument. Definitely try and find one and snatch it up quickly, you will not be disappointed!

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