1982 Ibanez Destroyer 2 DT-300FR

Not that I’m a fan of the Ibanez Destroyer II, but the 1st gen has become unaffordable. So you will ask me why I have one… Well, one of my favorite guitarists is Mr. Adrian Smith, from the English group Iron Maiden. I saw him playing a Destroyer II in the Heavy Metal track that changed my musical life almost 40 years ago: Run to the hill.

We therefore find here an Ibanez Destroyer II DT300FR. It seems that on this same model, we can find a Maxon Super 70 or a Super 58 in the neck position and the pickup can be covered or not.

The Destroyer II DT300FR was apparently intended for the Japanese market, which is why it only appears in a Japanese brochure that you can see below.

Adrian Smith Destroyer II

Watch a video in which Adrian Smith performs with his Ibanez Destroyer II

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  1. Your guitar is the wrong year. Adrian got his DT300 in 1981 during the Killers tour . Notably this was the last year they used alder on the destroyers. In 1982 they switched to basswood.

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