1980 Greco EGF-1800 Super Real

Greco Super Real guitars are known to be among the best ever made by Greco. This early 80s series was manufactured by the Fujigen Gakki. At the top of the Super Real Series presented in the catalogs of the time, there is the EFG-1800 model. However, fans of Greco guitars have often heard of a superior model called EGF-2500 Super Real. There is not a solid evidence of the existence of this mythical model. Many have searched, but no information has been found. The EGF-2500 model would probably be based on the EGF-1800 model with even higher quality woods (notably the top) and pickups different from the very famous Z-Dry.

In this article, I present to you a rather special 1980 Greco EGF-1800 (it’s at least an EGF-1800 because of the writing in the cavity and all pots are the same, dated October 1980). Indeed, we find it interesting characteristics which could make it one of these famous and very rare EGF-2500. It has a sublime quilt-top, what that seems to be a 1-piece back and Tim Shaw pickups (Vintage Gibson PAF) -solder joints seem original on the pics-. It could be the Gibson pickups and quilt top that added to the price; it could explain the difference between an EGF-1800 which cost 180,000 Yen at the time and an EGF-2500 which therefore cost 250,000 Yen. In addition, the documents (Miki Gakki shop and Greco warranty cards) would attest that it’s an EGF-2500; everyone will have their own opinion on the authenticity of these documents.

Anyway, this guitar is absolutely sublime and incredibly beautiful. It’s in mint condition! The top is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was sold with its original case and some goodies. I absolutely wanted to present it on this blog because it’s a real collector’s guitar. Thanks to Cliff Jordan (see credits at the bottom of the page) for giving me permission to use his pics and write about his guitar.

1980 Greco EGF-1800 Super Real Catalog
1980 Greco EGF-1800 Super Real Catalog Vol.12

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