Greco: Super Real collection

In 1980, specifically toward the end of 1979, Greco departed from replicating contemporary guitar models and introduced the ‘Super Real’ series. This line meticulously replicated the iconic guitars that brought fame to American giants Gibson and Fender. Greco also emphasized the use of high-quality woods, often surpassing the originals in quality. The Super Real series remained in production until 1982.

greco super real EGF-1800
Greco Super Real EGF-1800

Starting from that year, Greco ceased the production of Fender replicas. Fender, acknowledging the superior quality of the guitars replicated by Kanda Shokai and understanding the impact on their own sales, made the decision to manufacture some of their guitars and basses in Japan. The responsibility for production management was shared between Yamano and Kanda Shokai. With Fender‘s acquisition of Gretsch, they also entrusted their high-end models to their Japanese partners.

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  1. I have a 1980 super real EGF 850 sn # 0 6371 by Greco and I have paper work with it but I can’t read it but one paper a small white only thing I can read is a check by gold real aged and bottom right hand dead mint club and I did get the case with it .. any information would be great to know more about it .. I love it it does have the pickups only changes I can tell is wiring but with bubble bees

  2. On Reverb.com there is a 1988 Greco RS90 Super Real?
    Is that possible? I thought the Super Real was only til 1982? Is it fake?
    Serial# is A880832
    Also, any idea what the neck profile is on that model/year?

  3. What is the estimated value here in the states or in other countries of a 1982 super real EG 1200. What should the asking price be ?


    1. You may have already listed your EG 1200 for sale, but this would depend in no small part on the pickups. If the guitar is in original condition as far as the hardware etc, and if it has the Mazon Dry Z pickups that I believe were stock on this model, you may be able to list it for $5000 USD no problem. Obviously condition and other variables will impact the price. For example, my EGF-1000 from ’81 (which shipped with Dimarzio PAFs, vs. the desireable Dry Zs) was $1600 this past summer, around the time of your post.

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