1978 Greco EX800Y – “Korina” Explorer

Here is a Greco EX800Y which is now part of my collection. It’s been 3 or 4 years since I was looking for this model but it was not easy … The EX800 “Korina” is not a rare bird but there is not always on the market. In addition, prices have really gone up in the last years and the Japanese copies of the Gibson Explorer Korina made by Fujigen in the second half of the 70s for Greco and Ibanez are quite sought after, mainly by fans of Van Halen and his Ibanez Destroyer.

Finally, I found this 1978 Greco EX800Y in good condition, with some signs of wear and scratches on the edge. Unfortunately, it has no original case. Only the pots have been replaced.

The U2000 Maxon pickups never cease to amaze me. Indeed, they “crunch” very easily on my amp, which I really like. I usually set my amp gain to 7 when playing with other Maxon humbuckers, but with U2000s I set the gain to 4 only.

So here are the specs as well as some pics of this beautiful Greco EX800.

Catalogue Greco Guitars 1978 Volume 9 - Vintage Japan Guitars

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  1. Such a beautiful guitar, well done!
    I have been looking for ages for this exact version and never found one 🙁
    Do you use Japanese auction sites? Could you recommend any? Or a Japanese store which will ship to Europe?

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