Late 60’s Univox (Rickenbacker 320 copy)

This guitar was probably manufactured in the late 60’s. It’s inspired by Rickenbacker’s 310, 320 and 360 models without the body being truly a faithful copy, all with a 1963 360 12-string headstock … This copy, rather rare under the Univox badge, is more common under the Appolo 2219, Diamond R320 and Arai R320 brands. Moreover, it seems that it’s an Arai R320 badged Univox and obviously made by Matsumoku. Apparently, this Univox model has been little distributed in Europe but more in the US market. The pickups on this guitar are not original.

Arai 1969 Brochure | Vintage Japan Guitars
Arai 1969 Brochure

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