How to clean your guitar parts with electrolysis

Over time, the hardware of your guitars may show signs of corrosion. This is often the case when you buy a vintage guitar and it’s perfectly normal. After a few decades, even if we take care of our guitars, rust spots (even if technically it is not always rust) will appear.

To clean the rust of your guitar parts, you can very well use elbow grease and some basic products; you will get a good result if you spend time of course.

Another solution, simple and effective is the electrolysis. The advantage of electrolysis is that even the inaccessible parts of your hardwares (Tune-o-Matic for example) will be cleaned. In addition, while your parts are in the electrolysis, you can do something else, such as adjusting and cleaning the neck or polishing the frets.

How to set up the electrolysis and the precautions to take.

For the process, nothing like a step-by-step explanation and explicit images. I invite you to watch the video I created for you.

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