Guitar Neck Rest Luthier Tool

This post has no other purpose but to show you a tool that I find very useful when it comes to maintaining a guitar or a bass. Whether it is to adjust a neck or simply to change strings, it is good to have at your disposal a guitar neck rest! It is not an essential accessory but without a neck support, maintenance is much more difficult and uncomfortable.

Some guitarists do pretty well by stalling the neck with an accessory they have tinkered themselves. There are also various types of guitar neck rest on the market; some are wooden, others plastic, there are also models that look like mini cushions etc.

Personally, I had neither the time nor the material to make a neck rest which would be of good quality and practical, so I looked for one online. I admit that I was very surprised when I saw the price of this accessory on eBay or on some websites specialized in guitar lutherie. I ended up going for a ride on Aliexpress, one of the largest Chinese online sales sites, and I saw one that seemed very interesting (by the way, the same was on sale on the site of Stewmac but with their logo obviously).

This neck rest model measures 21cm in length and 9cm in height, which is enough to service electric guitars. In addition, this support wraps the neck well and its rounded base allows it to respect the natural shape of the guitar.

I ended up buying this guitar neck rest for $22,00 delivery fees included, which I think is very good compared to other brands. Having used this tool many times, I can only recommend it. It’s really worth it!

Rest Neck Luthier Tool
Suporte de braço de guitarras

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