Fernandes – Burny: Serial Number

During the late ’70s and into the ’80s, Japanese brands producing replicas grew apprehensive about potential lawsuits from Gibson. This unease stemmed from Gibson’s prior lawsuit against Ibanez in 1977-78. Meanwhile, Fender chose a different approach, opting to align with the adage, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’

Fernandes rarely utilized serial numbers on their guitars and basses, except for the initial models released by the brand or those manufactured by Tokai in the late ’70s. This strategic decision likely aimed to evade precise tracking of guitar and bass sales in anticipation of potential trademark lawsuits in the United States.

Apart from serial numbers, several factors can aid in determining the manufacturing date of a Fernandes or Burny instrument.


  • the logo design (example: Stone logo = 1978-1980)
  • date or symbol on the pot

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  1. Hi there. I have a Fernandes Stratocaster here, and I have disessembled it fight now. On the headstock there is a sticker with a serial number. In the neck pocket IT is stamped AFR 45 and the neck says AFR 55. I have bought ut secondo hand from the original owner, that claims he bought ut new like this. Is this something known, or do I have a rare/fake model here? Cheers
    Bjarte inn Norway

    1. Does it have Made in Japan on the serial sticker and/or the neck plate? AFR-45 and AFR-55 were low price tier and may be manufactured in China. The high end on this series were AFR-120 / AFR-150. AFR-45 and 55 were almost the same guitars so it’s totally possible IMO to have parts from both models since they can share the same specs (i.e. same neck).

      1. Thank you for quick response. Yup, a sticker with Made om Japan, and neckplate engraved with same statement. Hardware is Gotoh, even a Gotoh humbucker. It may be an affordable model, but it is really well made. Probably sold new in Norway. May it been put together for European marked?

  2. Sorry. My autocorrect is constantly changing in to om. Made in Japan. Both sticker and neckplate. Even the pots are Japan made.

  3. Hi! I have a fernandes pj bass serial no 09067 with a transparent pickguard can you help me to date my bass please?

  4. Hello! I have a Fernandes HB 65 but the ones i see others on line are the Burny ones, whats the difference? I see the hb 65 in the 1996 catalog you have on here. Are the Burny ones from Japan and Fernandes is US?

      1. Howdy Frankie,
        I have what I think is a 1978 Burny FLG-75 Jeff Beck. It has the following serial number 872711 stamped in to the back of the headstock. Deciphering this number, is the date of manufacture 07/27/1978?
        Enjoy your postings and catalog copies.

  5. привет у меня Fernandes Warlock Bass WB-90 с реверсивной головой грифа из опознавательных знаков одна буква ” F ” на голове грифа название ( фирмы ) и номер L078094 как узнать год выпуска и строну производителя

  6. what are the specs for a Fernandes Limited Edition, large headstock, 3 screw neckplate, almost a 70s revival had not been for a regular gotoh tuners?

  7. I have a fernandes burny custom stratocaster, large headstock with a serial number at the bottom of the last fret… is it probably one made by tokai?

  8. hI, I’ve a Burny FLG60, serial number 8000402. As i know it’s one of the first handmade Les Paul replica produced by Fernandes, but maybe actually produced by Tokai (1978/79). Is it correct? I think it’s very similar with a Tokai Ls 60. What do you think about?

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