Burny LV-115KK Ken L’arc-en-Ciel signature

In this article we are going to talk about the BURNY LV-115KK L’Arc-en-Ciel Ken Signature. This Made in Japan guitar is totally inspired by the Gibson Flying V model. I own a copy of this fantastic guitar and I will show it to you in the pictures at the end of the article.

Ken Kitamura is a Japanese guitarist, singer and composer born in 1968 in Maibara, Shiba, Japan. He is known in Japan for being the guitarist of the rock band “L’Arc-en-Ciel”. He is also the leader, singer and guitarist of the group “Sons of all Pussys”. While still in the band “L’Arc-en-Ciel”, he became popular as Ken.

Ken Kitamura was endorsed by Fernandes for a few years. This is how many signature Ken guitars were made by and for him by Fernandes. A few years later, he was endorsed by Fender Japan.

The Burny LV-115KK L’arc-en-Ciel Ken Signature was listed in the Fernandes-Burny catalogs from 1999 to 2002 but may have been introduced on the market in 1998 already.


Originally, all Burny LV-115-KK were coming out of production lines with a beautiful glittery pink color! It turns out that after a few years, this pink color turned into a glittery “champagne” color, like the one I own. This transformation is most likely due to a chemical reaction between the glitters and the paint used at the time. At first, I thought that this chemical reaction took place in contact with the light. However, by removing the pickguard, it is possible to see that the color change is uniform, which invalidates the theory of a reaction due to light and favors rather that of a pure and simple chemical reaction.

The LV-115KK model in the 99' Fernandes catalog
BURNY LV-115KK ACRYLIC PINK - This model of the LV-115KK is acrylic.

Below are some pictures of my Burny LV-115KK.

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