1985 Grandy (Tokai) Love Rock

Made in 1985 by Tokai this rare bird is a true Love Rock … with a difference.  This one is most unusual as although it’s sticker 80 grade, it has a solid flame top which at the time was only a catalogue feature of the top of the line TLS-200.

The Grandy brand was made by Tokai during 1985 only. Tokai was on the verge of bankruptcy and could not produce guitars under their own name during the company reconstruction. They are usually found in the entry grades so a LS-80 is rare and a LS-80 with a solid top is unheard of. If and when they surface it’s mostly LC-55 (the 55 has a basswood body) and SG-60 models. Rarely the odd LS and Jr turn up.

Though it’s important to note that the info is not 100% verified.

There is also the theory that Grandy was an export brand used by Tokai or made by them for a distributor as they have only shown up in japan, so they can be a limited shop order.

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  1. Any way of locating a Burny FLG 90 1980/81 Les paul? Been looking now for a coupel years some came up on Reverb this past x mas just a little out of my price range. Any help would help.Love your article , love anything MIJ related.

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