1980 Fresher FS-1007 with built-in effect – Chushin Gakki

Of the 3 Fresher models offering built-in effects in 1980, -FF-1003 for the Firebird (previously FFD-100), FL-1005 for the Les Paul (previously FLP-100), the Japanese Fresher FS-1007 guitar (previously FSC-100) is probably the most frequent on the market.

The 3 guitars have the same built-in effect module. Powered by a 9 volt battery, you can use a distortion, an auto wah and a phase.

If the built-in effects that we find on other brands like Asama, Kay Effector, Univox Effector … are not so good, we have here real quality effects, as good as those on an Electra MPC guitar. But this guitar also offers a wonderful clear and warm tone. It’s a “must have” for a MIJ collection IMHO.

Fresher with Built-in Effects Vintage Japan Guitars

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