1977 Flying V Greco FV600

At the beginning of this year, I wanted to increase my collection of Made in Japan vintage guitars. I came across a superb Greco Flying V, more precisely a Greco FV600 from 1977. The guitar was sold in its original case and with its guarantee certificate of the time. In addition, the original Allen key for truss-rod adjustment was provided. I had to rely on the pictures of the ad to get an idea of the general condition of the guitar and it seemed to be very correct. And what a surprise when I received it! The guitar was really in an exceptional condition with some signs of wear almost imperceptible. This Greco FV600 from 1977 is in a mint condition, that is to say that it is still perfect, and for a guitar over 40 years is quite surprising and rare! I leave you some photos and a video of unboxing so you can see by yourself.

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