1974-75 Greco RD650 (LP Recording)

This 1974-1975 Greco RD650 is a copy of the Gibson Les Paul Recording created by Lester Polphus for studio recordings with direct connection to a recording PA. For this, there are 2 output impedance. The pickups are Maxon which I have not found the reference used by Greco, for Ibanez they are 2380-60. As for many models, it has its twin sister, the Ibanez 2380 model also released in 1973. As on the Greco PE520, we will notice a beveled fretboard.

So, why a 650 rather than a 600 … the answer may be on the back of the guitar, with the profiled shape of the back like a Stratocaster. Thank you Shigeru Narumo.

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  1. This is the strange guitar, but it cool.This guitar look like Gibson Les Paul Personal and i think its a Gibson Les Paul Personal copy.(Im sorry, if i made a mistake, if i learning english language at this moment)

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